Friday, February 22, 2013

Religion in the Empire

Many centuries before people noticed magic was fading, it was noticed that the gods were growing more distant and less likely to interfere in the affairs of men.  Many great thinkers declared the era of miracles was over and that man no longer required the guidance of the gods to prosper.  Others claimed a lack of faith had led the gods to turn their backs on the world.

The average citizen still believes in the power of the gods to affect everyday life.  They are just quieter about it, not as flashy.  Faith is required.  The clergy preaches to that effect as well.

The faithful in the empire follow the Seven Saints of Virtue and the holy family: Father, Mother, Son and Daughter.  A host of angels answers the call of the Holy Family.  A Dark presence lurks around the family, serving to punish the wicked and faithless.  It is said to be served by a secretive conclave of evil. bent on increasing the Dark Presences influence in the heavens.

The Feast of the Saints falls on mid-winter night, and is a time of gift giving and helping those less fortunate as a sign of respect to the virtues.  In the spring, there is Mother's Day, associated with planting and the end of suffering.  Mid summers day belongs to the Son and Daughter and celebrates hard work and respect.  The Harvest Festival in the fall  honors the Father and is a time of giving of your bounty to friends and family.

Services are held most evenings, and a family is expected to attend services at least once a month, if not more.  Attendance to services is more common and more often in the rural areas.

It somewhat common to hear people swearing by the gods and saints.  Some examples: "By the Seven Saints!",  "Saints and Family!",  "Holy Family curse you!", and "The Dark One take your soul!".  Use your imagination.  The rougher the crowd, the more epithets are used.