Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Magic in the Empire and Beyond

Magic is waning in the world.  It is more difficult now to summon the energy and more difficult to control it.  To reflect this fact here are the HeroSystem rules covering magic:

  1. If you wish to create a character with the ability to use magic the character must purchase the following Variable Power Pool at creation.  It may be modified with experience, but may not be purchased with experience:
    • Magic Pool: Control Cost (Magic Only (-1/4), Spells each require a separate skill (-1)).
    • The skill for each spell is a 3/2 EGO Skill.  Strength of will is more important than general knowledge.
  2. Variable advantage/limitation is not allowed on any spell (since that would negate the separate skill requirement for spells).
Magical Items can be created at great cost to the mage.  The mage must pay for the item with character points and apply the Universal Focus limitation to it.  Now, anyone can take it away and use it.  And the points are gone until recovered by the character.  Note:  The magic item is purchased outside the VPP.